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We all got into software development for different reasons. I suspect, though, that there are commonalities among us:

But once we get into software, and we land that first job, what next?

Some of us get lucky and learn a lot on the job, from our team.

Some of us are less lucky, and feel stuck in that job, not learning, even though we’re working as hard as we can to complete what we’re assigned!

I’m not interested in learning just for the sake of learning.

I’m interested in learning because in the field of software, when you learn more, you get more power.

This “power” can be converted to more pay, or more interesting projects, or promotions, more impact, different and better jobs, more time off, less hours, etc.

As we get better at software development, we get more of the stuff that we as humans like.1

Ironically, by being a better software developer I can spend less time writing code, and be better paid for it.

That’s what this project is all about.

1 Within reason, of course. There’s the problem in the industry that even “senior developers” who “know everything and can do anything” still deal with challenging management practices and have constrained work environments. They can snap their fingers and have a new job. Someone with six months of experience under their belt will have a harder time job hunting.