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👋 I’m Josh!

Pretty much every experienced developer I spoke with, I asked some variation of: > How did grow to become a better software developer? What do you recommend to others as they pursue improving their skills? I got answers like: - "Read lots of source code" - "Work on side projects" - "Make open source contributions" This never has sat right with me, though, for a few reasons: - Selects against women. - Pace is slow - relevance is low - I still had to "fill in the gaps" to make the new knowledge actionable - Difficult to port the learning (from a book or video) over to my own environment. ### Obstacle Courses One project I've made so far is a [obstacle course for parsing webpages with Nokogiri]( I spent about thirty hours learning Nokogiri, and the way it's packaged, you can learn most of what I learned, in about _4 hours_. ### Quotes from the VP Engineering standpoint: > if I can get anyone to take a course, and they learn even one thing, the ROI on that is insane. not even measurable how high it is. > If I can get an engineer to focus on their craft, the job is done > If they have not used sidekik before, there's some fear, because that's what I know > to get an engineer to spend a few minutes on some new technology, the attitude of making things better. > It's hard to get people to care.